So Iím finally doing what I havenít been able to do for a while Ö format my primary computer and get a beta OS on it.

My X41 Tablet PC is now running Windows 7 beta (in all itís glory!) and how!!! I knew skipping Vista was a good thing, and this proves it.

Also, with the Windows 7 install, something Microsoft has been trying for years was accomplished. I mean, the Windows setup/install had no complicated steps, no confusing choices. It was simpler to install Windows 7 (including the setup taking care of formatting the old WinXP partition) that it is to install Skype!

Itís a bloody freaking entire OS, and Iím comparing it to installing a chat program?

Though, the techie in me missed out on the fun of installing and playing around with the install options. This install somehow felt too, umm ďlittleĒ.

Still, bottom-line, Windows 7 looks like it will rock on my X41 tablet!

Windows 7