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Month April 2009

Don’t do that. Or that. Not now. Or later.

I wish there was more flux to life. A better, simpler and easier way to make sure things kept moving along. *warning* I like you; dear reader. So it’s only fair to warn you that this is probably one of… Continue Reading →

Oh, and why am I blogging again?

I realized that one of the biggest handicaps to my blogging was the availability of a decent blog composing/posting software. I love Microsoft Live Writer. But for some reason it would never run on my old WinXP (after a few… Continue Reading →

Windows 7 – and the dream of an unattended install

So I’m finally doing what I haven’t been able to do for a while … format my primary computer and get a beta OS on it. My X41 Tablet PC is now running Windows 7 beta (in all it’s glory!)… Continue Reading →

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