I’ve owned desktops. and laptops. and pocket pc’s. and tablet pc’s. and a UMPC. and tower servers.

With CopperSpiral doing as well as it is, the time has come to upgrade.
I’m finally going to control a real server server.

As it should be, it’s IBM.
It’s 1U thick.
Multiple Xeon processors.
Multiple SCSI hard drives.
Starts with 4 gigs of RAM. (Expandable to 16).
Multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports.
I will probably go with Win2003 server or Win2008 SBS (still deciding, with 4 gb, 2008 is a bit dicey).
I need Windows Server as our development is on VB.Net or ASP.Net with MS-SQL backend.
Don’t worry, it will run Debian in a VMWare virtual machine for my ERP Adempiere.

I will be picking it up on Monday. So I still have time to ask questions … I have a choice of dual Xeon 2.4 GHz (single core) or dual AMD Opteron 2.4 GHz. What should it be?
Suramya, Jace, Jim, Arwind, Null.in, others? Tips …

Oh, and here is how it will look …

Jeez, I haven’t been so excited to get a new computer in such a long time. Remember TCF, Suramya?!