No, seriously.

Though not directly related to going back in time and changing history, it does involve taking my (now) dozens of cousins back to the future, the way I remember it.

For example, I was just reading this article on engadget and they have a reference to a the Flux Capacitor. Now, how on earth do I share it with a cousin of mine who is about 15 years old, interested in science, Harry Potter and creativity.

It is just shocking how much mass media was a part of my upbringing before the internet and all it’s personalized sources came about.

10 years ago, if there was a movie or tv series or news article, everyone sorta, kinda knew about it, because you read the same books, saw the same movies and tv.

Today, each room has a different tv hookup, each person’s newsreader has personalized news, basically making everyone a specialist in one single field very early on.

Still, i’m not trying to sound like one of those oldies complaining about the better old days. All I want to do is create some sort of definitive list of historical movies, popular culture articles, cartoons, etc to sit down and watch with my younger cousin brothers and sisters.

So the next time I make a Flux Capacitor reference at a family get-together, they get it.

I have a few … to begin with …

Movies & TV Series

  1. Star Wars (all 6)
  2. Star Trek (atleast Next Generation … Data and Picard are that important)
  3. Back to the Future (all 3)
  4. James Bond (atleast Pierce Brosnans’ to begin with)
  5. Batman (movies, to begin with)
  6. Amitabh Bachchan movies (Indian movies)
  7. Godfather (all 3)

Comics & Books

  1. Phantom
  2. Mandrake
  3. Tom & Jerry
  4. Chacha Chaudhary (Indian comic)
  5. Duck Tales
  6. Hardy Boys
  7. Secret Seven
  8. Famous Five
  9. Sherlock Holmes


This alone seems to translate best across generations.
I still love the old english songs introduced to me by my various uncles (when they were still in college) and my younger cousins likewise have a decent record of liking old music too.

Any care to help me add to the list?