Pretty close to my sentiments regarding the downhill education of the Professional IT people.

I expect that “professional” IT people are professional. I expect that they have a desire to learn, a technical competence to achieve the tasks they set out to do, and a constant need to push the envelope of what’s achievable and always move forwards. I expect everyone to have a goal to leave something in a better/faster/more efficient way then they found it. Yet it seems that the last few years have shown people in IT are by and large the complete and polar opposite.

Taken from via via Eugen on Silk.

It’s almost like the real IT education (peering over the shoulders of seniors) has been abandoned in favour of simple For dummies books and Learn *nix in a month type crash-courses.

I’m sure Renny Koshy and Kevin Walsh are two Professional IT people of the kind I will never meet again!

(Now wait and see then both come and bash me in the comments just for naming them here!)