I’ve not really been blogging in the traditional sense … you know, like the kind of articles I would really write in a journal/log. I feel my blog’s become more of a scrapbook (not even a good one at that).

Add to that, there have been atleast 3 tries at revival!
So much for 3rd time lucky!

It’s not that I don’t have as much to say or write about.
It’s not even that I can blame a hectic work life.
It definitely isn’t anything to do with a personal equivalent of a writers block.

(BTW, I just blogged more in those last 3 paragraphs that in the last 3 months)

Simply put, I just think not having a computer in my room may be the problem.
Seriously. I don’t blog during work hours (own company so I feel bad about blogging  during work hours; that kind of thinking). And I get home so late that it’s not worth packing the laptop for the drive back and then re-packing it in the morning.

Well, I now have Surabhi’s most excellent T40 (revived, new used motherboard et al) to fall back on, while at home. So I’ll see how that goes.

BTW, Surabhi and I both agree … with Vista and Office 2007, Microsoft shows it’s true colours … They give their customers what the customers want, not just what the A-list bloggers demand. I could never go back to an office suite that does not use the ribbon!

And Surabhi calls these tiny chocolates “kanjoos logon ke chocolates”

But seriously, why 42?