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Month September 2008

Talk like a pirate

Yarrrrr! It’s da talk like a pirate day, ye scurvy sea-dogs. And lik ‘ow I celibrited ’tis years ago, i’ll do so agin’ by re-running my “PirateTalk” program on QBasic! [Ask for copies now, source code included]

Where did I misplace my billion(s)?

Anyone in the market to lend me 5-6 billion dollars? “What the hell would I want to do with that much cash?” , you ask? Well, according to this nicely drawn-up legend on NYTimes’ website, I could pick me up… Continue Reading →

Eco-Friendly Electronics Companies

So I’m reading Wired’s article on Greenpeace’s Guide to Green Electronics and something’s a little off … Aside from XBoxes and Zunes (not a lot of that) and Natural Keyboards, what hardware does Microsoft really make? I mean, Intel and… Continue Reading →

Embedded Glass in VB

No, this isn’t a post about a new type of extension or tool called Glass embedded within Visual Basic. It is, literally, about a piece of glass that was embedded in my chin for a few years, and just came… Continue Reading →

Google Fanboys?

I have a problem with Google fanboys speaking of how Google Reader is much faster on Google’s own browser, Chrome. These are mostly the same people who complained that Microsoft Office works better with Microsoft Windows (vs. Mac) BTW, I’m… Continue Reading →

What the hell happened to Professional IT?

Pretty close to my sentiments regarding the downhill education of the Professional IT people. I expect that “professional” IT people are professional. I expect that they have a desire to learn, a technical competence to achieve the tasks they set… Continue Reading →

I am a Jet Airways Fan

Seriously, I am! – Says the yellow thingy! (BTW, when do they expect us to use it? If the A/C turns off due to a power failure?)

My Deep Thoughts. Or lack thereof

I’ve not really been blogging in the traditional sense … you know, like the kind of articles I would really write in a journal/log. I feel my blog’s become more of a scrapbook (not even a good one at that)…. Continue Reading →

Prude? and me?

We’ll all be better off with random character captcha’s!

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