Ok, so I went ahead and retired my most beloved, most excellent, the most most, k750i with another Sony Ericsson model … the P1i (see P1i photos)
It’s a pretty cool phone, as phones go. And it was a tough choice between P1i and the iPhone (Arvind, Jace and Suramya, un-drop your jaws now).

Firstly, why the iPhone, and more importantly, why not the iPhone?

The iPhone is finally a piece of Apple technology that does not involve my ditching Visual Studio as a development platform. There, I’ve said it!

Why not the iPhone?

This was a tough question, but simply put, I need a phone with “real” buttons that could give me tactile feedback. And my experience with Surabhi’s MDA (aka i-mate) showed me that I was definitely a “real” buttons person. Also, iPhone’s so-so email strengths and lack of initial 3rd party application support.

The P1i not only has a standard phone-type keyboard, but also uses two-side-pushable keys that give me a full keyboard experience without making the device too wide and uncomfortable for trouser pockets.

And the touchscreen is pretty useful for other non-typing related tasks.

And the 3.2 megapixel camera helps. Also the fact that it has wi-fi, bluetooth and infrared (Infrared ports on phones are pretty important, if you know what I mean and do the kind of work I need to get done!!!). But lack of 3G data downloads sucks big time. I guess there’s always the next model for that!!!
Also, being a Sony Ericsson device, it builds on a proven track record with my previous phones (T28, T39, T610, k750i, and now the P1i)

However, there was a scary thing that happened … mostly a sign of the times being a mobile user in India.

The first 3rd party application I installed on my new phone was an SMS anti-spam software (SMS Spam Manager). SMS spam is a bloody pain in the ass now-a-days. And now, to find a Junk-call blocker!