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Month March 2008

Celebrating Indian Cartoonists

So Surabhi and I decided to finally go and spend some time looking at Ranga’s cartoons over the years at the Indian Institute of Cartoonists. Pretty good collection, I must say. Though, a lot of the politicians were completely alien… Continue Reading →

New phone and a sign of the times

Ok, so I went ahead and retired my most beloved, most excellent, the most most, k750i with another Sony Ericsson model … the P1i (see P1i photos) It’s a pretty cool phone, as phones go. And it was a tough… Continue Reading →

Arthur C Clarke

Arthur C Clarke moves on to a higher plane of existence. After all, one of the God’s of S and SF would not want to consider merely something as mundane as death the end.

Should I use Wood products or not?

There is an argument in my mind. Should I reduce plastic wastage and use wood based products where alternatives are possible or try to stop cutting down more trees? Very often there aren’t options that don’t use plastic or wood…. Continue Reading →

Creative freedom and slavers?

Why is it that most modern books and movies, when showing traits of the good character of an 18th century story, depict niceness in general with the assumption that they were nice to their slaves and helped fight for their… Continue Reading →

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