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Month September 2007

I’ve just posted my first idea on IdeaBlob, a website for entrepreneurs and small businesses to share and discuss ideas/challenges. So, before you do anything else today, please take a minute to view the idea I posted and vote for… Continue Reading →

What an Entrepreneur needs

(with apologies to Josh Quittner, whose mag Business 2.0 I totally loved) But, Seriously! As an entrepreneur … I don’t need another social network letting me meet and chat with other entrepreneurs. Sure it’s all nice and fuzzy and maybe… Continue Reading →

Xobni: Email Analytics for Outlook (AWESOME)

I have been playing with Xobni for the last couple of days and in 1 word: Awesome. It’s still in beta, so I know there will be kinks … but … with the path they are following .. into the… Continue Reading →

Why not a macbook?

Very often I am asked by others (ok, by Jace, Sameer and a couple more) why I don’t move over to a macbook? After all, they are the best laptops money can buy! Right? Well, my simple answer to them… Continue Reading →

Rakesh mama’s advice

It’s happened too often in my life. When I’m down or stressed out. Too often, Rakesh mama* comes to my rescue with his cool headed advice and calming effect on my psyche.This is what I had to listen to today… Continue Reading →

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