So, after burning the midnight oil for multiple weekends, I’ve finally gotten my first FaceBook app ready for public viewing (and testing!)

It’s called Testimonials and you can add it to your facebook profile by going to

What does it do:
Testimonials is a application that lets you write simple testimonials for your friends and in return, see what they write about you.
You can choose to make the testimonials written for you visible to everyone or just to yourself. Your friends can do the same with the testimonials you write for them.

Is it like the Wall?
It looks like the Facebook Wall, but it’s not. Testimonials are a one-time thingy and not something that you would want to change or comment on everyday. If you like, you can discuss a written testimonial on a friend’s existing facebook wall.

Future Plans?
This is a first version designed to test out what people really want. We will shortly add features such as…
– Voting on testimonials
– Add more color/flair to your writing/text
– Easy invitation for friends to write testimonials

I would love for you to add the application and give me feedback

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