I’ve maintained this blog and have regularly written in for over 4 years now.

In the process, I somehow lost the art of writing a dairy (log) and got more interested in maintaining a mostly-updated commentary on what I see and use.

However much I’d like to call them the same, they aren’t. My blog never discussed how I feel or felt about personal things. It never allows me to write how it felt after every sale I closed and every deal I lost. It cannot let me archive my emotions and thoughts about my friends or family. I cannot fully write how sorry I am to have not been there for Atul many times over the last 8 years. And he still became the friend I always wanted my brother to be!

My blog has become a self-edited newspaper … for your consumption, not for mine. Thats not a bad thing … but I need another medium, more private, more closed, more diary-like. For a while I thought twitter.com/vinit might be it. But it’s more like a collection of quotes I thought up.

Look at your blog … do you feel your blog covers your need for a personal, mental and emotional archive? Should I just create another blog somewhere and keep all the entries private?