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Month July 2007

Help me Beta Test

So, after burning the midnight oil for multiple weekends, I’ve finally gotten my first FaceBook app ready for public viewing (and testing!) It’s called Testimonials and you can add it to your facebook profile by going to What does… Continue Reading →

Two types of American College professors

I graduated from college with the distinct impression that there are two types of college professors. The real ones: Those that don’t mind you buying/using 3 year old used textbooks, and The institutionalized ones: Those that will fail you if… Continue Reading →

A good kind of a headache

I’m getting old. Mentally. It sucks. After trying 15 minutes of simple arithmetic exercises … I’m sitting here holding my head. But this is the good kind of headache. Kind of like how my muscles feel after swimming for 30… Continue Reading →

A Diary in the age of blogs

I’ve maintained this blog and have regularly written in for over 4 years now. In the process, I somehow lost the art of writing a dairy (log) and got more interested in maintaining a mostly-updated commentary on what I see… Continue Reading →

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