I’ve been moving my Amex membership rewards over to my Delta Skymiles card for years now. First, it was a 1:1 transfer (take 5000 from amex and put in 5000 into Delta).
Then it became a 2:1 (take 10000 from amex and you get to put in 5000 into Delta).

However, today, when I called them, they said that the transfer of points to Delta has been stopped … and here’s the real kicker … their official reason “Customers were getting a bad deal out of the transfers”

Of course I started getting a bad deal, because you moved from 1:1 to 2:1 and slashed my points by 50% when I choose to transfer them.

So, now, with the best interests of the customer at heart, they have banned points transfer completely.

Here is what I can do now …
– Either use Amex Points and buy tickets through Amex Travel services (meaning I cannot use a mix of delta and amex points), or
– Buy an Amex gift card (20000 points gets me $100) and use that at delta (which stinks because buying 10000 points from delta cost $275)

I might have to live with it all … but atleast don’t tell me that you did all this to help me get a better deal!

The only reason I stuck with Amex was the good membership rewards that I could actually use. Now, there is no reason to move to a Visa or Mastercard!

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