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Month June 2007

Why TechCrunch et al are still niche sites

There is this entire world beyond the small number of sites that talk about Web 2.0 and cheer each other over minor victories and launches of website betas. Web 2.0 and people reporting about it have always made me wonder… Continue Reading →

American Express: typical bad customer service

I’ve been moving my Amex membership rewards over to my Delta Skymiles card for years now. First, it was a 1:1 transfer (take 5000 from amex and put in 5000 into Delta).Then it became a 2:1 (take 10000 from amex and… Continue Reading →

Whats a startup owner to do?

I just learnt this from my uncle … As a business-owner, you just walk in each day, take a look at current problems and fix them. Thats it.You don’t add value to your company in any other way.You are a… Continue Reading →

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates: The video you never saw

Everyone’s seen dozens of interviews of and by and for Steve and Bill. Well, here’s a video that I’ve never seen before. It’s 1983 vintage but the funniest yet. See the video here Steve Jobs Bill Gates dating game

The Obama look – no necktie

I didn’t know that my business casual, but not-too-casual, look already had a name in some circles. Variously, it’s known as the Obama look or the tieless look. It’s basically a partially matched sports jacket and slacks with lighter coloured… Continue Reading →

Bug or a feature?

Why would anyone grow yellow coloured cauliflower?Wait … why would anyone EAT it? Ewwwwwww!

ClickComment: Wayyyy cool

See the funky circles below?Just select the ones you think match your response to the blog entry! Simple. Get it for your blog at ClickComment clickcomment genius why didn’t I think of this

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