I’ve often wondered about this … maybe it’s the last few years in New York and in America in general that has given me a better perspective on this topic …

The Israeli’s don’t like Palestine .. so they do better verbal/print marketing through articles/news/speeches in the americas. But when it comes time to bomb houses and kill kids … they keep that away from the west … they do it only in Palestine.

However, when the middle east needs to do that same thing … they don’t limit it to the war zone, but take on jihad against the whole western world. And all they have as a marketing vehicle is Al-Jazera?

I mean, even today … everytime you see an israeli’s blog or website, they keep reminding you of their background (which is not a bad thing, in moderation).
But if you go a website or blog or social network profile of a arabian … you see less polished and more gritty material.

I believe, given enough time and maturity … the Arab world can also present it’s side of the story without having to kill on a world stage and just do their killing of students and kids the way the Israeli’s have perfected it.

If there is one thing I’ve learnt about a modern capitalist society .. it’s this … you have to know how to market/package your product (be it a product or a point of view or topic of discussion) properly for a world audience.


Who am I to comment on all of this?
Oh, no one special. Just a vegetarian who believes that even animals shouldn’t be hurt, let alone humans.

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