Quick … whats the first and most exciting part of starting your own company?

Of course, it’s the ability to spend dozens of hours choosing the right company name, company logo, company colour, cards, letterheads, powerpoint templates, email signature styles, etc, etc.

Everyone does it, I did too!
Spend days getting all this right!

However, very quickly, I learnt that having a snazzy business card did not a profitable company make. I’m sure graphics artists and marketing people would benefit from great looking cards and letterheads, but for most of us … this exercise should be limited to an hour at most (and even that hour, spent looking over the shoulder of a professional artist (My fav. designer … danny glix … check out his cool site)). What will make your company successful is focus on customer service and product development.

Still, too many newbies to the startup world spend an unfair amount of time and money in getting these things overly customized. I’d rather save the redesign for the time the company breaks it’s first million in revenue.

Not convinced yet? Ok … then check out these cool business card designs.
But don’t come complaining that I didn’t warn you. It is a time-suck.

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