So I’m reading some random blogs, and come across this jewel written by Arvinder.

Basically, it’s the description of a software engineer at an outsourcing company in India asking for vacation/time-off to go visit his parents.

Read the entire entry titled “Leave!!!“.
It would be funnier still if it wasn’t true …

I found it funny because of how my company is structured …

  • We don’t have a strict-limited holidays policy (we do get stressed if people take 4 holidays of 5 days, every few months … but hey! I’ve got a business to run)
  • We have this policy in place for exactly these reasons … so people can have a life beyond 9 to 5 (or 12 to 9 in our case)
  • I also like to take long vacations when I can, and work hard when I should
    And my employees respect that … take time off when you need to and come in on saturday’s when it’s critical!

Good stuff, Arvinder!