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Month May 2007

Firefox 2.0: A Personal record

With my install of Firefox 2.0 on my tablet PC yesterday I set a new personal record. For the least amount of time I have ever kept a mainstream application on any computer of mine. Shocked? Me too!I uninstalled Firefox… Continue Reading →

Better timelines

I have this thing for timelines. I really get excited when I see data in the form of timelines … maybe it’s because they give me the historical perspective in a clean and quick format. Google tried it’s hand at… Continue Reading →

Analogies: And why I love then

Surabhi often takes issue with my liberal use of analogies when explaining both business/technology related topics as well as daily usage discussions/thoughts. Her problem seemed to stem from the really obscure analogies I use in my conversations (and also, why I even… Continue Reading →

True cost of maintaining inventory

What is the true cost of maintaining and stocking a physical inventory? For both new products and spare parts? For example in the auto industry … individual repair shops always seem to be able to get spare parts on demand… Continue Reading →

From “letter to a young american hindu”

I need to read it a couple more time to get my thoughts about it better ordered. Still, take a peek at this “I feel like this too” article by Vijay Prashad titled “Letter to a Young American Hindu“ Though,… Continue Reading →

Did anyone ever ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Adults are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up because they are looking for ideas (Paula Poundstone)

Too nerdy me: But it’s not nested correctly

Call me too nerdy, but when I saw this photo of a keyboard, the thing that stood out for me was the way the [ { ] } keys were shown on the keyboard.  (See Intel Ziba thin laptop on… Continue Reading →

Israel vs. the Arab world: Better marketing

I’ve often wondered about this … maybe it’s the last few years in New York and in America in general that has given me a better perspective on this topic … The Israeli’s don’t like Palestine .. so they do… Continue Reading →

A great alternative to Adobe Acrobat

So, I’ve shown my irritation with Adobe Acrobat a few times over the years. A bigger issue … creating the PDF’s costs money (you have to buy the full version of Acrobat). So it’s great as an end-user technology (similar… Continue Reading →

Google timelines: great research tool

Finally, a tool from google that lets you search and view results by date! Google Timeline It’s obviously more interesting for historical research going back to decades and centuries, but you could play with it to get views on companies… Continue Reading →

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