So we just got to NYC this weekend for some work thats going to take a few days …. and it’s still freezing cold here.

When we had landed here two weeks ago (from India), Vivek et al had convinced us that it was “getting warm” and the cold was just a “only happened this morning” thing.

Here we are, again, after two weeks, and we land in NYC and it’s still cold and all I get to hear is “it was great last week” and the cold “only happened this morning”. At this point … whatever guys!

Still, to talk about the two great weeks in Florida … where the sales are going great and each day feels like fun because Surabhi and I are accomplishing so much in our business and professional lives.

On a personal level, we saw our first moon-rise (incredibly! indescribable! surreal!) and I saw my first alligator and iguana outside of a zoo!


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