One of the saddest things for me is to see a bookshop closing.
Call me sentimental, but a book shop is supposed to be around for ever … from the time you first discover it to the time you show it to your kid-brother to the time you are too old to walk to it.

This is in line with some of the ideas behind the movie “You’ve got mail”

What prompted this post?

Well, here in Hollywood, FL … a really nice bookstore called Trader John’s Book & Record is moving to a new location … so it’s not really “closing” per se. Still … it’s closing down this location.
I learnt something from this … for a small, independent bookstore to think of moving means selling off a huge chunk of it’s inventory at throwaway prices (50 cents or $1 a book). Because it’s often cheaper to just get rid of books than to deal with moving them to a new location.

Of course this works out very nicely for bookworms like Surabhi and me … but I’d rather use other means to get books cheap.

So if you are in Hollywood, Hallendale Beach or around this area, definitely go visit Trader John’s. Their current location is open till the end of April 2007. They have a most excellent collection of Sci/Fi, Detective, Mystery and general fiction books. They also have some great old comics and great records (yes, the ones that you put on a gramophone!).

One cool thing I saw was that they have a cartfull of books outside the store, and it’s always there. So, if you are strolling around at 11pm, post-dinner, and happen to like a book, pick it up and drop in a buck or two into a slot in the door.

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