Well, if you all recall, there was some pretty negative publicity with payperpost.com, the blog advertising guys who pay bloggers to write about specific topics. That led me to a quick stopping of using there services.

But, on a whim, I just logged onto their website this week and see some quality changes.

For example, many ads now require a clear disclaimer that you are writing about a specific product or service on demand. As long as a clear distinction is maintained, bloggers like me (meaning, not one of those VC bloggers pitching their funded companies or one of those news junkies cross-linking to other news junkies) should not have a big problem using this service.

The biggest advantage is that you have a choice of what you write about and when. I didn’t write about anything for a few months, but I still got paid my $21 for the two posts last year. Where did that money go? Well, $21 approximately covers my website hosting costs for 3 months. So, see … I didn’t really profit … just paid off expenses that are current and recurring. (By profit, in this context, I would have meant that I got a cool new cell phone or bought an entertainment device).

Any yes, here is another posting that I’m, getting paid for! What can I say, another hosting bill’s coming up!