Just read about it … Yahoo maps India is now live and kicking!


However,  and this is a big however, this is a service that only shows the map … does not show directions from point A to point B.


During the last few months, in India, I started using MapMyIndia.com as a sorta-kinda direction hunting tool when traveling around town (well, used to get to Udhay’s house). But the problem with this tool was that it just helped with getting to the general area. It wasn’t good enough to get to the actual building/street. You would know that you had to be around this market or this playground. Sometimes, it was detailed enough, but the road-names were the official version (which very few people know, and it’s not even printed everywhere).


Yahoo Maps India does not even do this at this time. I’m not complaining (a lot), I’m sure this is a beta version of the product and will take a few more iterations to get the real stuff (directions) working.

With Yahoo Maps, 2 things improve …

1) It gives you a Satellite and Hybrid view

2) Much better user interface


But, I’ll reserve a detailed review till I can compare it to other services that already provide directions.

Still, go see Yahoo Maps India in action.

Yahoo maps India mapmyindia review