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Month April 2007

Movies: The best bits

There are certain parts of movies that I live best, and don’t mind seeing a few dozen times if possible. They don’t have to be related to the action or the actual story of the movie … often, they don’t even have… Continue Reading →

Man is always selling

You are always selling. You are always pitching. When you are not selling your product/service to a customer, you are still selling. In school, you pitch your youth and earnestness to earn some knowledge and intellect.Among peers, you pitch your… Continue Reading →

My first sand castle in a decade

And how I re-learnt some life lessons that all kids should have known all along. Saturday was another great, warm, sunny and calm morning. Which could only lead to one thing … books, umbrella, towels, salsa, guacamole and sunscreen lotion…. Continue Reading →

Our first two weeks in Florida

So we just got to NYC this weekend for some work thats going to take a few days …. and it’s still freezing cold here. When we had landed here two weeks ago (from India), Vivek et al had convinced us that… Continue Reading →

Closing a bookshop

One of the saddest things for me is to see a bookshop closing.Call me sentimental, but a book shop is supposed to be around for ever … from the time you first discover it to the time you show it… Continue Reading →

How much did I make from

Well, if you all recall, there was some pretty negative publicity with, the blog advertising guys who pay bloggers to write about specific topics. That led me to a quick stopping of using there services. But, on a whim,… Continue Reading → down?

Why on earth would go for “site maintenance” in the middle of the day?   Weird.         photobucket down server problem

Homophonous phrases

Ok, so the title doesn’t suggest the lightness of reading it all … but once you get the idea, it’s hard to stop repeating this …   Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Now, repeat this to yourself… Continue Reading →

Yahoo! Maps come to India

Just read about it … Yahoo maps India is now live and kicking!   However,  and this is a big however, this is a service that only shows the map … does not show directions from point A to point… Continue Reading →

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