I recently (ok, almost a month ago) promised more personal posts filled with wild-eyed-excitement. And the last three posts are all related to business, startups, funding, etc. What gives?

Well, for Surabhi and me … our business is our life. Whatever time we’ve had … we’ve spent thinking about our future, about our work and how we’ve got to get more “stable” now that we’re married, etc.

Along those lines, we’ve been researching ideas both for business as well as hunting ways to rope in seed capital for our next venture. Hence, the major reading of, and commenting on so many funding/VC related topics.


On another note … we are in Bangalore till the 15th … not for more holiday time … but due to a schedule mix-up, we are understaffed here till next week and Surabhi and I need to get work done.

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