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Month March 2007

Sri Lankan Airlines pitches – India?!!!

So this cool ad for Sri Lankan Airlines in Newark’s Penn Station pitched the airline’s routes to … India! There isn’t even a single mention of it’s destinations to Colombo or other Sri Lankan cities.   Not that I’m complaining,… Continue Reading →

iPhone Dreams

So I just wake up .. and realize that the bulk of my dreams last night had to do with iPhones and how to get one (including black-mailing a former boss, and begging uncles). And what I will do with… Continue Reading →

Customer Service 101: Would you recommend us?

I just read this great article on how to improve your company’s customer satisfaction levels using an extremely simple, yet effective, technique. Basically, each time someone from the company speaks with a customer, end the conversation by asking a simple… Continue Reading →

Living in Florida

I’ve just moved to Florida this week … and what a week! For starters, check out our new digs … view google map! The weather’s holding steady in the 20 to 25 degrees centigrade range! And the water’s nice and… Continue Reading →

India vs. Bermuda

It’s a pain in the neck to see Ganguly and Sehwag go to bat against Bermuda. Everytime Sehwag goes ahead and improves the run rate, Ganguly comes back to mess it up again. They’ve been at it for about 10… Continue Reading →

The problem with shorter flights

The problem with shorter and shorter flights between India and America is that you go from nice and sunny 26 degrees centigrade to frickin’  -1 degrees in under 15 hours.   Nasty, nasty, nasty snow and hail in NYC/NJ. Makes… Continue Reading →

All those personal posts I promised

I recently (ok, almost a month ago) promised more personal posts filled with wild-eyed-excitement. And the last three posts are all related to business, startups, funding, etc. What gives? Well, for Surabhi and me … our business is our life…. Continue Reading →

Fake it till you Make it?

Believe it or not, one of the first tips given to me during my freshman year at college when I started working at the campus help desk was fake it till you make it. The idea was, it took some… Continue Reading →

Startup CEO or COO: A study

This post is related to what I read over at AskTheVC regarding founders looking for a new CEO. I believe it’s not just about the founders looking for a new (non-founding) CEO but also if a CEO is what they want or… Continue Reading →

When VC’s go the Angel route

Sometime in 2006, Charles River Ventures (CRV) started a Venture loan program … providing much smaller batches of funding to lots of companies so they could get a leg in the door of potential blockbusters without spending a lot of… Continue Reading →

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