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December 2006

NY Tech Meetup at The Cooper Union

I finally showed up at another NY Tech Meetup at the Cooper Union in NYC (Didn’t show up at the last one because I didn’t qualify) on Tuesday evening.Great location for presentations, BTW. One word review: Fun.Short crib: Over-crowded post-event networking… Continue Reading →

Mutated Apples

There is no way I could be forced to eat these apples … not my Surabhi, nor my mom. I mean, they have bright red veins …. ewwwww   mutated fruit genetically modified food

mutated apples

no way anyone can force me to eat these … not Surabhi, nor my mom

Zune vs iPod: Decently written reviews

In all these arguments about which OS is better, what compiler makes most sense and, now, which one’s a better music player … people forget the actual logical arguments and ignore presenting the products with a critical thinkers point of… Continue Reading →

lemon sipping

the best part of a stomach ache

My first CD

PC Quest 100th issue – august 1995.

food for indian stomachs

taj mahal grease truck, newark nj

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