Surabhi and I tried their Paneer naninni and Paneer Nanwich. Great concept … but where’s the flavor guys?

I’m not talking about making it spicy (I’m one of the rare Indians who prefer’s only mildly spicy food). But where is the mix of rich Indian flavors? The kind you can get by mixing some chutney right, adding some aroma, making the paste finger-lickin’ good?

Sorry, won’t recommend this place further.
In face, as we walked out after our dinner and were walking past the Kati Roll Co., we happened to meet an old friend who just had their Kati Roll for dinner and hearing about our choice of dinner, had a similar comment “Not the best food” about the Indian Bread Co.

Whats with all the hype in the right newspapers/magazines/newsletters?
Good marketing does not a good product make.

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