I finally showed up at another NY Tech Meetup at the Cooper Union in NYC (Didn’t show up at the last one because I didn’t qualify) on Tuesday evening.Great location for presentations, BTW.

One word review: Fun.
Short crib: Over-crowded post-event networking space.

All of the demo’s were pretty good.
My fav. presenter was Brent Halliburton of Cogmap.com. He made good use of a spotty internet connection to enliven the atmosphere.
My fav. demo was of Urbis.com. They have one sllllllick web product.
Strong recommendation to the guys at Linkstorms.com … don’t bother pitching your product to the techies. Spend your energy trying to sell to enterprises and other big-boys. It will work better on Microsoft’s or IBM’s or Toyota’s websites rather than on a Salon.com or a LinkedIn.com.

I think the uPlayMe.com demo have a nifty product. They have got to make it more seamless. I don’t want it to stand out (winamp, skype and trillian are enough) but rather to smoothly integrate into my web experiences (my social networks) and media experiences. They did have a good thing going with the Windows Media Player plugin. Not very obtrusive, yet very functional.

The post-event networking could have been much better had it been a little less crowded (more open space). Still it had great drinks (what am I saying? I don’t even drink alcohol! Hehe!) and some fantastic cheeses.

I did have great seats, though!!! Always helps getting those single un-taken seats in the middle of the row!!!

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