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Month December 2006

Windows Live Writer Plugins

Windows Live Writer (WLW) is an awesome product to help you write and manage your blog posts on most popular blogging services. For me, it just got better with two new plugins I discovered today 1) Allow pictures to be… Continue Reading →

Kingfisher Airlines – Great Customer Service

Here is something you don’t often see at airports.Great customer service when you land. Kingfisher Airlines actually has their ground staff line up luggage carts for use when the passengers arrive to collect their luggage.1) WOW. So no more running… Continue Reading →

big teeth


Mcdonalds pizza

A Mcdonalds franchisese takes liberties with the menu. Offers pizza vs big Mac

Indian bread co – NYC

Reva Electric Cars gets funding: $20 million

Reva Cars just got an additional $20 million in funding from a couple of big investors. This is pretty cool news for a car company that is trying to do the right thing and make it easier for people to… Continue Reading →

Maggi noodles: Packaging stupidity

Here is a perfect example of packaging stupidity. Who the hell packs vegetarian food in bright red colour and non-vegetarian in green? That too for the Indian market? stupid Maggi package

Brahma Beer

*Definitely* not launching in India ever. Brahma beer

Divorce rates: whats with them?

Surabhi and I get married next month. Yup, thats how much bachelor time I have left. And whats this? A post titled “Divorce rates”. Whats going on?It’s just that suddenly, topics related to weddings, married life, etc are more than… Continue Reading →

Kabir ke Dohe

Kabir is amongst the most quoted poets and also stands out as one of the most famous. However, most people only know a few of his poems or writings (the popular ones are a few of his dozens of doha’s… Continue Reading →

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