Thanks to Scrybe for showing us how powerful and easy offline modes can be for web-applications (AJAX, flash, anything else).

I just started using Google Spreadsheets a week ago to collaborate with a friend who moved out of the office and back to Bombay … and without Google Spreadsheets, life was hell. Sure there are the jotspot’s and’s of the world. But there is something basically “great” about grids (remember those primary school notebooks) that makes sense.

About 2 hours of total time on Google Spreadsheets and I can pass judgement … the next 10 years of computing are going to rock for remote teams … if the application developers get the hang of offline-mode data handling right!!!

Single-handedly, this is the make it or break it piece of the puzzle. How to allow for post-event synchronization of data (might be Google should invest in the guys at SVN while their stock price is still over $450!!!)

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