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Month November 2006

Offline mode: the next frontier for AJAX web applications

Thanks to Scrybe for showing us how powerful and easy offline modes can be for web-applications (AJAX, flash, anything else). I just started using Google Spreadsheets a week ago to collaborate with a friend who moved out of the office… Continue Reading →

Ice Cricket, or what I’m going to do at Lake Placid

So my friends and I are gearing up to spend the next long weekend at Lake Placid at a cozy wood cabin (unlimited firewood!!! No … I won’t let you environmental types stop me … I do this about once a… Continue Reading →

Daniel Craig will do: Casino Royale!!!

So I did the usual thing I do when a new James Bond movie is about to come out … make sure I go watch the earliest show possible (no, I won’t skip office to watch it during the daytime!)…. Continue Reading →

Tata Group featured in Time magazine

Time magazine has a very nicely written article on the Tata group and it’s various accomplishments in the industrial and economic development in India over the last so many decades. I like the way Time magazine (like many other US… Continue Reading →

Reliance India Call: quality problems

I’ve been using Reliance’s “India Call” calling cards to call my family back home for a few months now. They started out with excellent prices, quick connectivity and very clear voice calls. However, over the last few weeks, their call… Continue Reading →

The new Thinkpad TabletPC X61t

It’s not even been a year since I got my tablet pc, and out comes a newer version of the ThinkPad TabletPC … the x61. Yeah, I know … it’s new hardware, get over it, etc. Well, I’m not going… Continue Reading →

Naming Names – A timesink

One of the biggest timesinks for a product company is getting to choose the right name for the various products/websites we keep launching. There are so many factors that affect what can be considered a good name. Chiefly, getting a… Continue Reading → great new mashup of GoogleMaps

I just played around with MapLib.Net a cool new mashup that uses Google Maps for some really innovative work. It allows you to upload any photo to the service and use that photo as the “map” or background for a new… Continue Reading →

Loyalities: Microsoft, Yahoo or Google?

I just noticed the following … Open tabs on my firefox window … Gmail Orkut (owned by Google) Couple of Google search windows Google reader Google groups for programming research Froogle for product price-checking YouTube (can you say 1.65 billion,… Continue Reading →

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