Installed a new 1 gb stick of ram in my tablet pc (total: 1.5 GB) and today for the first time actually saw free memory over a gig!!!

Of course, with Windows Vista this much free memory will be a thing of the past. It is smarter than other OS’s and actually makes sure as much of the available memory is used at any given time. After all, all this unused memory is a waste of resources and time.

  • The memory is already in the system … so might as well put it to good use
  • Why not prefetch applications and data and keep them ready for future use

But I wonder how will they handle the additional drain on battery life. I am guessing free memory vs. used memory has a different (and higher) power requirement.


In other news … my computer’s screensaver has toasters that fly.

Very quaint and yet so very cool still!

tablet pc windows vista tip flying toasters