If you live or work in Manhattan and haven’t yet tried the excellent grilled corn at Cafe Habana, you should! It’s delicious, hot off the flame griller and rolled in some amazing homemade crumbly cheese.

Surabhi and I’ve been there atleast 3 times in the last month, ever since Vivek told us about it … and the food never disappoints! Thats a tall order, satisfying a picky and pure veggie like me.

Irrespective of the time we’ve gone there, the waiting time’s been consistent … anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. Heck, I once even had to wait 10 minutes just for the corn to-go on  lazy Sunday morning. And everyone waits.

I conveniently stole the photo from katofi cafe because I was too engrossed munching the corn to take a photo when I was last there.

This corn is especially awesome tasting to Indians as it’s exactly what you would have on a cold winter’s evening from a thelewalla (cart). Except for the cheese. The Indian version has a spicy red or green chutney and is scrubbed with lemon and salt.

Thats it … it’s 8pm here and my mouth is watering after writing this post … I’m actually going to go to Manhattan right now (from Newark, NJ) and have a corn.

Cafe Habana corn