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Month August 2006

Programming swear words

Sometimes it’s just worth it to put in a crappy hack to get on with life and finish the day’s build. All programmers vent their frustration (or joy) through their work … either as easter eggs, images or even source… Continue Reading →

Debugging someone else’s code

What did I get done this weekend? Well, for starters I tried debugging someone else’s un-friggin-documented code for a shopping cart. This was a done as a last minute favor for a client of an old friend. Seems that there… Continue Reading →

Incorporating in India

I’ve been a part of the discussion over at GigaOM (the original topic was Google investing a billion dollars in India) and a few of the commenters bring out interesting views on how tough it is to incorporate in India…. Continue Reading →

Daily dose of literature: via Spam

There is a new entrant in the battle to give us our daily dose of literary writings. Your common, everyday everyminute SPAM. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Spam? How? WTF? Well … I noticed this over the last… Continue Reading →

Are we so used to failure?

Are we becoming so used to failure that when others succeed we can only respond with jealousy or disbelief?

Your common typos

No one is perfect, they say. Keyboard artists double so. People Programmers often have entirely normal party conversations centered around which keyboards are the best (IBM AT for build quality. Microsoft Natural for RSI prevention. ThinkPad for Laptops) and what… Continue Reading →

Students ask: Laptop or Tablet PC?

So over the last few days I’ve been fielding questions from a few friends of friends and siblings of friends … students who are getting into high school or to their first year of college … and they ask the… Continue Reading →

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