We’ve owned the car for over 2 years. It only came with one key. So the first thing I tried was to get a duplicate key made for a “just in case” scenario.

However, the first few times I went to stores to get it made, they were either out of stock of this particular model or were going to take too long.

Now, two years and few months later, I finally decided to get off my lazy behind and get the duplicate key made. Just in case, you know.

It’s been only two weeks … I now carry a key and Surabhi carries one. And in just this short time we’ve had to depend on the duplicate key twice. Once, when our house-guest (does the term still apply, 4 weeks and counting?) Aish picked up my keys and went to work. The second time, when Disha, in the office, borrowed my keys and went home with it.

This is really scary … nothing like this happened for 2 years, where Suramya, Surabhi and I used the car in no particular order, and now suddenly, there is a huge need for a second key.

All I can say is … just in time.