No one is perfect, they say. Keyboard artists double so.

People Programmers often have entirely normal party conversations centered around which keyboards are the best (IBM AT for build quality. Microsoft Natural for RSI prevention. ThinkPad for Laptops) and what kinds of tools help in typing better, faster, more efficiently.

One often missing piece of the discussion is how many and what kinds of frequent misstakes do you make while typing.(Yes, the double-S mistake if fairly common).

I’ve noticed my typing errors stick around for a few months before they clear up. At which point, some more pop up.
Currently, I always end up typing my name as VInit … somehow that Shift stays on for the I (not a hardware problem; I checked)
Also, there is this really irritating issue where words I type end into other words.

I en du ptypin gsomethin glik ethis.
(I enD uP typinG somethinG likE this)

So, what are your current errors?
Obviously these all only happen when in the middle of fast typing. Also, scarily, these do not happen when I type with my eyes away from the desk (looking at others as I type).