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Month August 2006

Duplicate car keys: Get them made today

We’ve owned the car for over 2 years. It only came with one key. So the first thing I tried was to get a duplicate key made for a “just in case” scenario. However, the first few times I went to… Continue Reading →

Review: Windows Live Writer on WordPress

This is a test of a blog entry being written using Microsoft’s new Windows Live Writer. So far, what I’ve seen about the installation and configuration of the software makes me happy. They have taken care of many small issues… Continue Reading →

My coding skills have started to suck

Whether I like it or not, I have to come to terms with the problem.Over the last few years my coding/programming skills have started to deteriorate. Not that I’m losing my skill to write code that works. But just that… Continue Reading →

Are people racist or governments?

Thanks to Jim, I read about how a group of stupid white passengers refused to board the flight until two asian passengers were kicked out of the flight. The newspaper calls it “terrorism wins”. I call it stupid white men… Continue Reading →

Timeline of a startup

Surabhi has a great article on her views on what kinds of startups and what kinds of people survive over the first few years in the startup phase. Read her What it takes to start a business post. My thoughts… Continue Reading →

Case against overhiring of PhDs

Google’s been hiring PhD’s for a while now. Today, I read Yahoo is starting to do that same thing too … My problem with this emergence of PhDs into the corporate gene pool is realted to the fact that most… Continue Reading →

An old car

When is your car considered an old car? When you take it to the mechanic, spend a decent percentage of the Cambodian GDP on getting it fixed and drive away stil hearing all the usual creaks, squeaks and screeech’s. :-(… Continue Reading →

Cancer, Cancer, everywhere :-(

I just had to deal with the news of a 3rd cancer case amongst my extended family and family of friends. This is only the 3rd person in my life whom I’ve known and now has cancer. All of them… Continue Reading →

One Quick Undresser

Ever wondered, after a late day at the office, how quickly you can get out of your office clothes and into your shorts and then jump right into bed? Well, look at this video for inspiration … YouTube Quick undress… Continue Reading →

Happy Independence Day

Here’s wishing my extended Indian family a very Happy Independence Day. I hope you have done your part in making me proud of my country and will continue to keep India, clean, green, peaceful and prosperous. Jai Hind. India

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