So, I’ve been either not blogging, or putting in really crappy posts that I haven’t even had time to edit or remove (like the one just before this one).

Even today, I’m just putting in a rant … the quickest type of writing humans know.

Why is it that the best laid plans, the most organized work-days suddenly go awry and before you know it, the clock shows 2pm, you’ve gotten nothing done, haven’t spoken to even half the number of people you listed at 9am, haven’t made that change to the source code, read any of the emails flagged important*, sent out thank you cards to the dozens of people I met in wonderful California** or even bothered to call the cousin desperately looking for some help and guidance from an elder brother (sorry Adarsh, I will call tomorrow, I promise … for the nth time).

I’m no high-powered executive, no high-flying assistant toting businessman who has to answer to thousands of employees or shareholders or dozens of boardmembers. Still the problem dogs me.

To be fair, there are days at a stretch when things go well and I’m done with everything I wanted to accomplish and more. At 6pm. After which I can sit own and work on my blog, even work on the sooper-dooper-secret webservice I’ve been trying to build and load up the laundry.

It’s all soo cyclic. Today just happens to be a month from the less friendly part of the cycle.

So … I’ve decided

* If that email is important enough, read it and reply right now, flagging it important just makes it less so.

** Arvind, Gautham, Bipin, Dev, Adam, Tim, Jenny, Tarun, Avi, Prashant, Pankaj mama and even Akhand … please accept this placeholder “Thank you for all the fun” while I get around to getting serious about such things