We just got back from an extremely short, 6 day trip to California. I now think I know why Silicon Valley is located in California.

Imagine thousands of geeks people working hours on end on exciting software, new technologies, great new ideas … all of this sitting in their offices.

What would they all want to do once they get done with work? Go and enjoy the wonderful vistas of the Pacific coast and the far blue mountains, of course.

You see, people in other occupations have definite start times and end times … so they can take long trips to enjoy views that a far off, if they lived in different states. But us technical types spend so many hours beyond the work-day, getting those fixes, new algorithms and modules compiled that we have woefully few hours to spend enjoying nature. California is the best quick-fix.

Of course, I may be wrong. That does not change the wonderful time I had driving between San Francisco and Los Angeles on Highway 1, with the bluest blue pacific on the right and high mountains on the left.

More to follow …