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Month July 2006

… and now I look more like Lex Luthor that I ever wanted!

Which scares the shit out of a Superman fan like me, esp when you wake up and suddenly, in the middle of putting paste on the brush, realize that it’s actually a mirror and not a poster in front of… Continue Reading →

Who else can clean up your inbox?

So, I just found out that a friend of mine has around 19000 emails in his inbox. According to him, it’s close to 90% unread. Yeah, 19000, with 90% unread. (17100 if you are into this kind of stuff). Most… Continue Reading →

The other Vinit on the web

My website and blog don’t show up for a lot of search terms on Google or Yahoo. However, the few that I feel should work are my first and last names and the blog name. Also see update below. So… Continue Reading →

[NOTICE] Logic2Go feed changed

The Logic2Go blog feed location has changed! You may have previously subscribed to Please redirect your feed readers to the new location … The old link still works, so you won’t see a disruption. However, this gives you… Continue Reading →

18 Tips for your body

Remember how everyone and their best friend has a tried and tested way to stop that hiccup? Here are some of these not-too-well-known, but confirmed tweaks … real nuggets … (sorry, nothing about hiccups) … Cure your toothache without opening… Continue Reading →

Making time … is it ever possible?

So, I’ve been either not blogging, or putting in really crappy posts that I haven’t even had time to edit or remove (like the one just before this one). Even today, I’m just putting in a rant … the quickest… Continue Reading →

Why Silicon Valley is situated California?

We just got back from an extremely short, 6 day trip to California. I now think I know why Silicon Valley is located in California. Imagine thousands of geeks people working hours on end on exciting software, new technologies, great… Continue Reading →

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