Dear Warren Buffett and Bill Gates,

I just read the news that Mr. Buffett will start this year and continue giving away a large part of his personal wealth to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

I offer my sincerest thanks to the both of you. Mr. Gates for starting the foundation and Mr. Buffett, a bigger thanks to you for not trying to compete by starting one of your own. What is important is the kind of work this foundation can do, not whose name shows up on the foundation’s letterhead.

For the first time in history, we can see the betterment of humanity as a whole taken out of the hands of elected politicians and feudal lords and put into the hands of people who have the financial capital, willpower, ideas, and more importantly management strength to see things through.

The both of you were at the top of your individual games and did something that will possibly bring you even closer to the millions, nay, billions of your fans.

I don’t care if children born tomorrow know of your corporate and financial successes. I don’t care if they know how you amassed your wealth. I don’t care if they get a chance to meet you. I just know that when they take stock of the plight of numerous suffering and pained fellow human beings, they will then truly the greatness in your simplicity.

Each generation has it’s heros. Some fought for independence. Some for justice. Many more for religion. However, none of them thougth of fighting for all people all at once.

A sincere thank you.