You know how the cops are always trying to give speeding tickets to people who drive fast or rash and break the speed limit?

Well, thanks to reading this post by Thaths where he accuses his Hybrid of reducing his average speed by atleast 10mph … I finally got thinking of something that had been at the back of my mind over the last few months.

I myself have slowed down a bit, I now have no problems going in the 3d fastest lane on the Garden State parkway at well under the posted speed limit. Why?

Have I gotten too old for the fast lane? Have I moved down to a slower car? Nope!
Speed is nice and fun, but not when you get hit hard everytime you fill up the tank!

I have seen, first-hand, what higher petrol (petrol=gas, in the Americas) prices can do to the average speed on the roads. More and more drivers are driving slower and slower to conserve petrol.

This is a great sign … and a better answer to reducing accidents on the roads. People accelerate slower, maintain a steady speed for longer and don’t try to push the engine RPM very high!

Finally, some good comes out of the higher oil prices.
Though, I wish it didn’t take this to get people to drive slower. I mean, why pay more just to learn how to drive slower?!

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