How many times have you gotten email from friends working in those big corporations that attach an email signature (more like a security warning) at the end of all outgoing emails?

You know, the kind that begin with asking you not to read the email if you are not the person named above, etc, etc … and going on about how this is all secure and finally ending with threatening you with a lawsuit!

Yeah … those kinds. Well … they make two things happen …

1) They get me laughing … because if the lawyers really wanted to mean all those things, they would put the legal mumbo-jumbo at the TOP of the email in the first place.

2) They make me sad.
The poor corporate kinds are getting their sales pitches proof-read and edited and addendum-ized by the legal department. Not so nice by the time their potential clients get it.

Hell, you can ask for price quotes from these companies … and you can’t differentiate between the legal text meant for the sale and the legal text only as part of every email.

Here is what I do different … I believe people who don’t get frequent emails from you will read your signature, atleast once. So why not use that as an opportunity to sell ? Or, at the very least, inform?

I use this signature, it gives my contact information, but also provides some information on what we do …

Vinit Bhansali
MindPillar LLC
(973) 362 0050

MindPillar LLC is the maker of Hurricane BOSS software.
BOSS is a specialized sales software for the Hurricane
Protection Industry providing Customer Management,
Sales Automation and on-site Mobile Estimating tools.
Learn more about Hurricane BOSS sales software at

Yes, I know, they are very similar … but thats the point, they are all my signatures, so they have to maintain some similarity.