It’s been a hectic few months here at MindPillar and Adeena (and now, HurricaneBOSS).
Yes, summer is here and business is booming for us entrepreneurial types.

We just launched Hurricane BOSS software that caters to the sales needs of companies that sell and install Hurricane Protection equipment on people’s homes and offices. So go check out

It’s a simple to use sales tool for people who want to quickly take measurements of buck openings in building (windows and doors for the rest of us) and determine products to install (shutters, security film, etc). Then, quickly print out the estimate/proposal onsite and close the sale.

Back in the office, it works with a web-based Operations module that manages scheduling, installation crews and other office communications.

All in all, I’m happy with version 1.0 of our software.
And … the response has been awesome!

Thanks to Amit, Jitendra, Samyuktha for all the hard work!

There have been other things happening too …

Here’s a brief timeline of things over the last few months/weeks.

1) Was in Bangalore for a while, working on some new software development strategies

2) Was in Hong Kong for a few days, listening to, looking at, learning from and finally sitting on a panel talking about Port security and using RFID to solve logistics problems at seaports, airports and trucking companies.
Good stuff.

3) Was back here, and attending conventions to both understand new markets as well as sell new ideas.