That is the perfect description for the NJIT Library.

“Due to the official budget cut, there is a freeze on buying new books”

This started about a week ago and remains in effect till further notice. My extrapolation on this … I don’t think they would stop buying new books for a week or 10 days. Looks like a semester-long freeze at least.

Anyone care to comment on a University library (umm, Technology University library) that won’t buy new books?

(I mean, if the university taught only Medieval pottery, I could understand … there aren’t that many new books on that subject each year … but this is Technology … IT … software development … nuclear engineering … quantam mechanics … you know … the kinds of subjects where groundbreaking research is done on a daily basis and new books are published weekly!)

The staff at the library are suitable apologitic and embarrassed … even thought it’s not their fault. But what about the retards in upper management?

Who wants to provide a research grant to a university that puts a “freeze” on buying new books?!
Hell, who wants to hire graduates from a university that doesn’t bother to keep new books on it’s shelves.

Update to my previous post titled “judging a book” …. all the new books I saw … I now know, were atleast 2-3 months old.

njit sucks
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