By now, all you lesser mortals know how unabashedly proud I am of Surabhi’s technical skills!

So, this morning, she walks into the office, grinning from ear to ear and clutching a package she just picked up …

What is Surabhi's secret gift?

So, what is Surabhi’s surprise/secret gift that she is so happy about?

New shoes? New clothes? The next Harry Potter? Tickets to the Football worldcup?

No. My dear geek didn’t get/want any of these.

She was excited about getting Microsoft CRM 3.0!!!

(We have been using CRM 1.2 , but it lacked some basic features … like full Outlook integration)

(And while at it, the CSS Viewer firefox extension on her laptop seems to be better and cooler than the one on mine … time to crossover … though, mine is a full web developer toolbar, only the css viewer part of it is crappy)

She is even more excited about new software than I am!

Now, I’ve been grinning from ear to ear all day …

tears of joy