If, like me, you read numerous popular blogs everyday, you’ll recognize overcrowded-comment-sections for what they are. Too much noise. Very little signal.

Might be it’s to do with the rising popularity of blogging and the fact that more people are now reading more blogs, this has translated into comment crowding. Not comment spam, just overcrowding.

I am sure all these people who comment are doing so in good faith and really want to let the whole world know about their thoughts. Hey, if I want to make a comment on an article, I … umm … comment.
However, the problem occurs when you have to wade through 25 or 50 comments before you find any real “discussions” or “flame wars” (the fun kind, of course).

This was one of the reasons I skipped on slashdot’s comments … and now Engadget, GigaOm, Scoble, Guy Kawasaki’s comments. Too darn many to read.

Might be this is why Digg makes sense … if you like it, digg it … don’t have to comment on it!
And I can instantly see the power of a post by the diggs (or votes) it got. Where is a simple plug-in for allowing votes on personal blog posts?
(Hmm … there’s an idea … if I have a spare weekend … or anyone else wants to? A digg-style voting system for WordPress blogs)

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