Now, thats a good term for the new crop of democratic, public edited, public voted news websites. Dreditors.

You know, sites like Digg, Reddit, Newsvine, Fantacular, 180 News and Gather.

(thnx, KK, for the collected links)

So, what is a real dreditor?
To be a Dreditor (or a dreditor-site) the following conditions must be satisfied …

The general public/members must be able to
1) Vote up or vote down stories
2) Submit stories
3) Comment on Stories
4) Cause Dread for website owners/webhosts/webmasters because of the huge amounts of traffic hitting the site at once (the Slashdot effect).
5) Cause Reverse-traffic Dread wherein a website/news-article is completely marginalized and looses traffic because the Dreditor did not provide any positive feedback-wave, or, worst provided negative details about a site.

slashdot effect