Someone please explain to me how SPAMMING your resume will get you a job?

At best, you might get more calls telling you stop spamming. At worst, you will get no calls at all and will, instead get your name/personal info listed on someone’s blog (like mine).

So, over the last few days, my company email addresses at Adeena have been getting spammed by a lot of William’s and Jayesh’s.

The company behind this crap is Novel Team.
I called up their phone at (586) 273 1166 and spoke with someone called Tony. According to him, the fact that someone at my company had gone to a job-site and posted a job listing with his/her email address meant that Novel Team had the freedom to collect that address and forward it to a “friend”, who then emailed his resume to us.

OK. I *might* accept that, except for a little missing fact …
I got spammed from 3 domains … (, and … that last one is a scary copy of this blog’s domain. Imitation of that kind, I could live without.

Back to the point … I got spammed by these three domains … each of them leads to a free “parked” page by And each of them is registered to the same company (a company in Bangalore, sheesh! … thats one downside to having an over-loaded IT industry, I guess)

This is spam, but with a valid company and a valid phone number, etc, etc. What are my options? Obviously, submitting this company’s name to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) won’t help. Submitting their corporate email address to random spammy websites will provide some immediate cheer!, but it’s illegal (no taking matters into own hands, atleast, not publicly on my own blog  ;-)  )

What I *might* do … spread their phone number liberally and have others call them … after all, isn’t that what they want?!

What do you recommend?

Update: Oh, wait, Novel Team isn’t showing up on BBB at all.